Products and services for Semi and Pharma industries


  • EVG (Bonding,Mask aligners,coater,developers)
  • EKC Technology (polymer removals,PR strippers,Post CMP)
  • Tetreon-Thermco (Diffusion Furnaces)
  • Quartztec (Quartz products and T/C)
  • NadaTech (Wafer Sortes and Inspection)
  • Solid State Cooling Systems ( Chillers)
  • RION (Particle Counters)
  • Levitronix (Pumps for Liquid and Flowmeters)
  • Process Technology (Heaters and heater exchangers)
  • CyberOtpics (Wafersense tools and wafermapper)
  • HTT (Wafer Reader)
  • Graver (Filters)

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