Products and services for Semi and Pharma industries



•Diode or semiconductor lasers

•Analytical equipment

•Low-light CCD cameras


•General laboratory use



The 300 Watt Oasis Three delivers a cost-efficient way to optimize your equipment’s performance through greater thermal stability. Oasis Three responds instantaneously to changes in load, achieving thermal control from 5 to 50 °C with a repeatability of ± 0.05 °C, even near ambient. The system’s smooth-flow centrifugal pump keeps operation vibration free, making it an ideal solution for lasers,optics,analytical equipment or any other application requiring precise temperature control.Utilizing thermoelectric modules with lifetimes exceeding 200,000 hours Oasis Three has no compressors, few moving parts and no Freon.

Microtiter teMperature control plate

Microtiter teMperature control plate

•Accepts all ANSI SBS 2004-1 microwell plates

•Designed for high heat transfer and unparalleled temperature uniformity of <0.1° C across plate surface

•Ready for use between -5° and 50° C

•Precision construction means no leveling required for fast and accurate installation

•Robotic alignment marks standard

•Insulated design minimizes unwanted condensation

•Comes with no drip twist lock fittings

•Insulated hose kits also available

•RoHS Compliant

•Value priced

Thermocube 265

Thermocube 265

Thermoelectric Reliability for Wide Temperature Range or High Ambient Temperature

265 Watts

•Semiconductor equipment point of use temperature control




Compact, refrigerant-free chiller for wide temperature range or high ambient

ThermoCube 265 delivers quiet, vibration-free thermal control to ± 0.05 °C for temperature set points ranging from -15 to 125 °C with continuous operation in 50 °C ambient.

ThermoCube 265 offers worldwide power compatibility with its standard, universal power input, and our variable voltage power control means you efficiently draw power only as you need it.

Plus, ThermoCube 265 can use a variety of cooling fluids and its standard pump can provide up to 50 psi for high-pressure applications.